Rebrand for Success

Rebranding is an integral step when a company enters into a new business market that is not cohesive to their existing brand identity. A good rebrand will honor the new look without abandoning the highly experienced history of the old. Melody, owner and operator of MJ McClain Chartered Professional Accountants has over 15 years of experience. She wanted a fun, contemporary and engaging look relevant for today’s emerging entrepreneurs and younger business owners. Accounting for many can be confusing and overwhelming even on a good day. Ensuring the new brand was comprehensive, clear yet exciting were important attributes to the mentorship and community oriented values of this company. At MJ McClain professional, ethical and boldly invested to your company’s growth and success are more than just buzzwords.

MJ McClain: Art direction, brand identity, logo design, business stationery, web design, social media persona and signage design by Sarah Ewashen. Creative direction, client management and web development through Switchback Creative.