Play to Win: Cohesive Brand Identity

Maintaining a cohesive brand identity makes a significant difference for a recognizable and easily remembered business vs a business that is overlooked or not taken seriously. It has been proven, time and time again that implementing a consistent brand strategy builds trust, authenticity and long term familiarity and loyalty. Coca-Cola immediately comes to mind as an iconic brand globally. Using taglines like “Have a Coke and a Smile” to express ideas of togetherness and happiness. So what does Coca-Cola have to do with Quest Orthodontics? The values and mission overlap. The Quest Orthodontics campaigns are out of the box and interactive. Similar taglines are used to express life long happiness, “Share Your Smile” and “Live Your Smile.” When visiting Quest Orthodontics you feel a part of their family with their goal to deliver a smile that lasts a lifetime.

Quest Orthodontics: Art direction, brand development, card deck illustrations, promotional and marketing campaign design, social media personas and bus decal design by Sarah Ewashen. Creative direction and client management through Switchback Creative.